24 Things Everyone Who Lives, Laughs, And Loves In LA Knows To Be True

living in LA
Dave Lastovskiy

I uprooted my life in Massachusetts nearly 6 months ago to make the move to Los Angeles. For what? For more. To dive into more creatively while also living somewhere unfamiliar, completely outside of my comfort zone. Iโ€™m an observer and Iโ€™ve witnessed behavior like Iโ€™ve never seen before. Los Angeles is truly one of a kind so Iโ€™ve decided to share my observations about โ€œeveryone.โ€

1. Fuckboys can be as old as 50.

2. Everyone has an app.

3. Everyone has started a company.

4. Everyone knows an A list celebrity.

5. Everyone is a millionaire.

6. Everyoneโ€™s got a job for you.

7. Everyone knows someone that can help you get famous.

8. Everyone is not from LA.

9. Everyone rents mansions to host parties.

10. Everyone rents expensive cars to show off.

11. Everyone wears whatever the fuck they want. No matter the time, day, or occasion, there will be a sea of unique styles ranging from bedtime casual to fancy ballroom.

12. Everyone is on their phone. The addiction to social media is REAL.

13. Everyone has some sort of plastic surgery.

14. Everyone flakes on plans at the last minute.

15. 40 is the new 30.

16. Everyone wants more.

17. Everyone wants bigger and better.

18. Everyone has their own unique style. Fashion is expressed by both genders in ways Iโ€™ve never seen before.

19. Everyone is spontaneous.

20. Everything happens at the drop of a hat.

21. Everyone has ideas.

22. Everyone is writing.

23. Everyone is filming.

24. Everyone is creating.

Thereโ€™s good and bad, like everything. Does the good outweigh the bad? I donโ€™t really know. I donโ€™t really think it matters. BUT, I do know that I feel closer to figuring out what I want. I may not know exactly what comes next, but Iโ€™ve started to feel excited to find out. TC mark


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