Why Wanting More Than Hookup Culture Is Perfectly Okay


We’re all whores, men, and women. There is nothing wrong with embracing your sexuality and exploring your interests. That’s one good thing about today. There are so many people that go through life knowing so little about sex that leaves people either frustrated, unaware, or pushed towards people outside their relationships that actually do know what they are doing.

I think with the current generation there is a lot more experimenting which can be good and bad. People are able to embrace their own sexuality and learn to accept and love all aspects of their body, a good foundation prior to allowing someone else to feel this way about you and your body.

The bad thing is that there are always going to be people that this arrangement is not going to work with. Even worse, it is possible that one of you could be okay with the casualness while the other is not.

With some people, you want more. And the harsh reality is that sometimes the other person does not.

Although many of us try to put on these heartless and careless facades, for many it is just a defense mechanism. Whether it be commitment issues, insecurities, or something from their past, these are all things out of your control.

Don’t try and punish yourself for being able to grow feelings for someone. Although the casual thing can work for a while and with certain people, it is completely unfulfilling.

Be grateful for the compassion and desire for love that lives within you. You are capable of giving love and you just want someone to share that with fully. It is not a negative thing for you to grow feelings for someone you spend time with and/or are intimate with. With the same token, it is not a negative thing if the other person does not grow or return those same feelings for you.

Intimacy with particular people can make you feel alive, hopeful, and excited. The problem is sometimes when we are so deeply involved, we don’t realize that if this person doesn’t feel the same way, that certainly doesn’t mean we can’t find this amazing feeling with someone else. In fact, you can find even better with someone else.

It can be irritating if the guy doesn’t feel the same or launches insecurities out of you as you deal with rejection. You may question past relationships and the relationships that come next, burdening only yourself.

Maybe sometimes you want to be able to have casual sex, but with certain guys, you just can’t and that is perfectly fine. You shouldn’t have to hide your feelings for someone. Want to embrace and fully experience that feeling of excitement and happiness. It may not work out but at least you won’t be sitting with regret.

It’s okay to want more.

It’s okay to fight for yourself. Eventually, someone else will fight for you just as much, if not more. Do not want less than that for yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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