10 Types Of Men Almost Every Woman Will Inevitably Run Into While Online Dating

Carlos R
Carlos R

Dating apps are an undeniable part of modern dating culture. In ways that are both good and bad, they open up our world to new people, places, and adventures. For some, dating apps are a chance to get out there and make new connections. For others, they are a less desirable way to meet people. Regardless of your take on online dating, almost every woman has run into at least one of these men on a dating app.

1. The One Who Is A Fuckboy

We have all met this guy. He buys you a drink and then looks for an excuse to get you back to his apartment or go back to your place. He probably picked a location strategically near one of your apartments because he assumes that is where the night is headed. Bonus points if he doesn’t even take you out, but suggests you do an activity at one of your apartments. If he does this, then he only has one thing on his mind, and it’s not your feelings.

2. The One Who Still Acts Like A Frat Boy

Similar to the modern day fuckboy, the one who still acts like a frat boy doesn’t know how to take you on an actual date. The closest thing he’s had to craft cocktails is the punch they served at his frat house in college. He doesn’t know how to charm you beyond his college days, and will continue to bring up stories from that time at greek week, crush party, formal, etc. Sadly he doesn’t know how to interact with you in the real world because he is still living in the past.

3. The One Who Gets Easily Attached

Then there is the guy who becomes overly invested. Maybe you’ve only gone on one or two dates, but he’s already planning your next one without consideration of how you feel about him. He overuses emojis in text, calls you for hours at a time, and is not afraid to start a new conversation, even when you haven’t replied to his last three texts. These are all signs he’s becoming too attached before really getting to know you, or more importantly, giving you a chance to get to know him.

4. The One Who Lacks Social Skills

This guy may be well intentioned, but he doesn’t know how to hold a conversation for dear life. You now understand the meaning of the expression “pulling teeth” because talking to him is truly that painful. You come to the conclusion that you have almost nothing in common with this person, except for the fact that you are both probably miserable together. Of course he may be a good person deep down, but realistically not someone you want to get to know better.

5. The One Who Is Just Not That Into You

You’re not sure what went wrong, but somehow the scales are imbalanced. After your first date, you leave feeling confident, but then he never tries to make plans again. Eventually you will cave and follow up with him, but he never texts you back. If he does text you back, he will hit you with the famous one-liner, “I’m just not looking for anything serious right now.” Translation: I’m just not looking for anything serious with you right now.

6. The One With The Physical Chemistry

You may not have anything in common with this guy, but there’s an intense physical attraction that you can’t shake. You agree with almost nothing he says, but somehow you still want to rip his clothes off the whole time. He is great for a casual fling because the tension is palpable, but the conversation is nonexistent. Keep him around until you decide it’s not going anywhere except the bedroom.

7. The One Who Has Baggage

This guy has deep-seated issues and will use you as his emotional punching bag. He is not afraid to unload all of his feelings on you, and will open up to you about his past relationships early on. At first, you will find his sensitivity and honesty oddly charming, until you realize his expressiveness is a mask for his insecurities. At the end of the day, you want to be his partner in crime, not his therapist.

8. The One Who Is A Serial Dater

From the start of your first date, it’s clear this guy is the relationship type. He doesn’t have a ton of close guy friends, but probably has a handful of ex girlfriends. He’s already talking about his friend’s wedding coming up next year and it’s obvious he is planning to have a date by then. While his interest in a serious relationship may seem appealing after all the fuckboys you’ve dated, it’s better not to be another notch on his belt of serial girlfriends.

9. The One Who’s Just Too Normal

This guy is seemingly perfect on paper. He checks off all your boxes, but then you meet in person and something just doesn’t add up. He makes you miss the fuckboy or the one with emotional baggage, at least those guys were interesting (in a complicated, damaged sort of way). You finally caught a normal one, but it turns out the rest of his personality is lackluster in comparison. It makes you wonder if maybe you’re the reason why you’re still single.

10. The One

Hear me out. While there is no guarantee you will meet your soul mate on a dating app, a large number of couples have found each other through the world of online dating. Most women date a number of men before they find the right one, so why not increase your odds on an app? Keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to take a chance. You never know whom you might meet. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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