11 Dos, Don’ts, And Maybes Of Modern-Casual Dating

William Stitt
William Stitt


DO: Sleep with someone if you’re attracted to his personality and physical appearance.

DON’T: Sleep with someone if you’re only interested in his looks.

MAYBE: Sleep with someone if you’re confident the sex will be good and the rest doesn’t matter.


DO: Ensure you’re both putting in the same amount of effort.

DON’T: Hesitate to make the first move.

MAYBE: Hesitate if he’s not giving you enough positive affirmation.


DO: Dominate in the bedroom.

DON’T: Dominate the conversation.

MAYBE: Dominate in both arenas.


DO: Go home with him.

DON’T: Stay the next morning.

MAYBE: Spend the night.


DO: Kiss.

DON’T: Hold hands.

MAYBE: Cuddle.


DO: Expect a late-night text.

DON’T: Expect a goodnight phone call.

MAYBE: Expect a goodbye kiss.


DO: Let him pay.

DON’T: Pick the most expensive item on the menu.

MAYBE: Offer to split the bill.


DO: Drink responsibly.

DON’T: Turn down a drink.

MAYBE: Turn down a shot.


DO: Gush about him with your friends.

DON’T: Reveal him to your family.

MAYBE: Tell your work friends about him.


DO: Read into his actions in real life.

DON’T: Overanalyze his social media activity.

MAYBE: Obsess over his words.


DO: Have fun and be yourself.

DON’T: Fall for him.

MAYBE: Remember not to take it all too seriously. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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