10 Little Ways To Un-Grinch Yourself And Enjoy The Holidays

1. Eat what you want.

Desserts, casseroles, and cookies included. Remember when you were eating Ramen noodles in your dorm? Take advantage of all the homemade goodies.

2. Shop for other people, not yourself.

Despite my best intentions to find yet-to-be-determined gifts for those on my list, I somehow, someway always find myself in a Forever 21 dressing room, well past the 6 item limit. Don’t be a selfish shopper. Envision the people that you’re buying for—chances are you really like them, so put some thought into it.

3. Embrace the cheesy atmosphere that usually elicits eye rolls and executive decisions to stay on the couch

Brave the traffic, crowds, and hustle and bustle. Inhale the icy air and feel it travel through your body. Look at the lights that brighten shopping centers. Enjoy all of the cliche notions we associate with the holiday season; they only come around once a year.

4. Indulge in things that say, “It’s the holidays!”

Eat a candy cane. Sip a gingerbread latte. Try eggnog! It might taste like sweet, creamy goodness; it might not. In that case, add some type of liquor… yes, liquor should help.

5. Relax and drink a glass of wine.

Enjoy your time off of work. Light the fireplace and watch the snow fall… or tune into 25 Days of Christmas on ABC Family, your choice.

6. Decorate!

Get in the spirit. Deck the halls and go crazy with the tinsel. Build a snowman if you can. A job well done can make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

7. Take advantage of the mistletoe.

It’s not just a shrub, people. Make a little magic. Lately, this tradition has really been snubbed. Bring it back!

8. Reach out to family and friends.

Often, we become so busy with everyday life that we forget to make time for those who matter, because it really is who you spend your time with and not what you unwrap that makes or breaks the holiday. Prioritize. Pick up the phone!

9. Be appreciative.

Sure, your grandparents bought you something that doesn’t match your new, mature look—you are in your 20s now—but they tried. Make them think that you like, no, love it. They love you and would be ecstatic that you’re excited about—or at least pretending to be excited about—the present that they thought was totally you.

10. Keep good company.

When you’re gorging on the elaborate dinner at the family party, take a minute to cherish every person there and be grateful that you’re all together. Regardless of how many times they ask if you’re still single, these people love you, and you know it. Let them know that it’s reciprocated. Nothing makes people happier than feeling genuinely loved! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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