Everyone You Meet Will Someday Teach You A Valuable Lesson

Brooke Cagle
Brooke Cagle

There’s a diversity of people in the world today and as we move through life we encounter this variation. These are the people that are capable of leaving either a positive or negative impact on your life during the moments which you’ve spent with them. However, these persons are teachers of valuable life lessons. In the past few years until present I was able to gain some of these cherished actualities with respect to “people”.

Firstly, the men you encounter in life are highly prioritized. Guys will always come and go whether good or bad. However, the impressionable moments that they leave entrenched into our minds are the “teachers” of these lessons. What did you learn? Men teach us about trust. Do not trust all men but trust men who are worthy. They taught us that not every guy that enters your life will stay, some of them enter just to teach us how to let go. We learn about love and in the end; the ones who really loves us. There’s also pain, and this pain is the ultimate teacher of lessons we didn’t even think we needed to know. Guys basically teach us a multitude of lessons as the chapters of our life story are shaped.

Secondly, the friends that we hold so dear to our hearts are also ranked as major teachers of life lessons as these “friends” come from different walks of life. What do they teach us? They also teach us about love, trust and pain as the men we meet but to a different extent. Some people aren’t worth your love, as they are nice to your face and become back-stabbing monsters as soon as you’re out of their sight. “Actions speak louder than words!” Pay attention to these actions!

You can assume you know a person as they’ve been a part of your life for a number of years but they secretly enjoy your pains and envy your happiness. Good friends will speak of your flaws to your face and disclose your goodness without your knowledge.

Then there’s “best friends”, we don’t usually acquire a lot of these but having one can be crucial whilst moving through life’s journey. These best friends teach us to be adventurous and to see the world differently. They show us that every obstacle that you bump into is not necessarily a “one man battle” but demonstrate that it can be conquered with an army of two. It’s like they are the little addition of sunshine to the darkness. It’s that person you are most alike, you tell your deepest secrets to and the one you can be yourself around. Warmth and comfort is found in that person as you feel protected. If you have a best friend, cherish that person as they are responsible for making this thing called “life” all the more worth-while. If you don’t have one… best find one!

Last but not least, there’s family. These should be your buddies and number one supporters. However, the lesson that family teaches us is “blood is thicker than water but blood is not always family.” You are related by blood but loyalty determines whether or not they’re your family.

Some family members can see the worst in you and everything you do can never be satisfactory.

They will use you as shark bait in safeguarding dangerous waters if it’s necessary. 2016 is almost over and as 2017 is approaching I found that there are a lot of people who won’t be a part of my 2017 but will remain here in 2016. It wasn’t a horrible year but it wasn’t the best either, I made some friends, and lost some too. I learnt that family is not necessarily “blood”. No matter how much good you do, in the end some people will always see you for the bad things done and forget the good.

Life is wonderful though, minus the negativity, love yourself and make the best of each situation. It is a continuous learning process and the people around you are the teachers of these valuable lessons. Always be open-minded and move forward with the lessons that you learn from these different life teachers.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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