When You Find Someone You Like But Can’t Keep

Not everything that clicks is meant for you to keep, especially when that someone or something is already taken by somebody else.

It’s nice to find someone who seems to be your person but isn’t—someone you can talk to about the things you like, someone with the same interests and dreams as you, someone whose thoughts and beliefs resonate so well with you, someone who sees through you, someone who sees and treats you with high regard, someone whose presence feel like home.

It will feel so good, warm, comforting, and amazing that it can make you sad and break your heart because though you click so much, you know you can’t keep that person. It will break your heart to think of the many things you can still discover about that person that’ll make you silently say “same”, but the truth will be louder. Though you’ll grow to like and adore the person, you can’t keep that person. All you can keep is your feelings to yourself.

So when you find someone nice and amazing that you realize you can’t keep, don’t lose your smile in your tears and tell yourself this:If this one already feels like my person, what would it feel like if I came across the perfect match that’s designed for me to keep?”

So, let go slowly. Stop feeding your emotions towards this person. Even when the pain in your heart feels so excruciating, detach yourself before it gets more difficult.

Guard your heart and that person’s heart. Know that you’re doing yourself great favor by protecting yourself from even more heartbreaks.

Surrender your feelings to God and let Him hold your heart. Wait on Him and His best for you.

One day, you’ll meet the person who you can call yours, and it will be worth all the wait.

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