An Open Love Letter To My Future Partner

Jernej Graj / Unsplash

Dear anonymous,

The first letter I wrote back then, I take it back somehow.

Back then, I used to think that I have to be this or that version of myself first before I’ll be ready to meet you, whoever you may be. I was wrong.

I thought that maybe I needed fixing first that’s why you weren’t still sent my way. Again, I was wrong. Honestly, I will always need fixing. I’ll always be a work in progress. But, I’ve come to realize that all these improvements aren’t made to prepare myself for you or a relationship solely.

You aren’t the only goal. You’re not the only next destination after singlehood. I wasn’t made for you solely. I am made for the One who made me before I’m made for you. I am His woman first, yours second.

Back then, I was made to believe that I have to do this or that first so that I’ll be deserving of or deserving to be in a relationship. But, the truth is, do we deserve most of the great things sent our way? No.

It’s not that “it’s not our season” nor “we’re out of season.” We just have a different season we’re in right now.

So, for now, enjoy the season you’re in. I, too, will enjoy mine. Make the most out of it. Live it to the full. We’ll only have this season once.

Whether I’m my best version yet or not, I’ve realized that it doesn’t matter so much. I will never be ready or equipped enough.

So, come, not only when you’re ready. Come, not only when you see me ready. Come only when God says, “Go on and pursue her. It’s time.” And, I’ll be glad to welcome you into my life. No ifs. No buts. TC mark

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