What It’s Like To Find Love That’s Better Than The Fairytales

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Growing up to fairy tales and Disney, we somehow dreamt of having a fairytale love story of our own someday—magic-filled moments, happily ever after, and someone to share it with.

But as we grow older, we realize that our realities are way, way different than the fairytales we dreamt of having. But, at one point in our life, we’ll meet someone who can give us the kind of love that goes beyond the love shown in fairytales. A bigger kind of love. A love that goes beyond the promise of a happily ever after.

I’m glad to have come across this kind of love. I didn’t find it though. That love found me.

His love was way beyond the magic of how Beauty fell for the Beast. His beauty loved the beast he found in me. He saw my past, faults, flaws, and failures, and yet still chose to love me. He saw me in my darkest moments. He saw the ugly parts I have always tried to hide. Yet, He loved me as is where is and saw through me.

As I surrendered to the love he’s offering me, the ugliness of the curse of my beastly self was broken. Though he loved me as is where is as a beast, his love redeemed and transformed me—and still continues to do so—so I could be my best. Someone as beautiful as he is. I was made new. I was made beautiful again.

His love was far greater than that given by the Prince to Snow White. Once in my life, like Snow White, I was also fooled by the false promises of life’s magic apples, things that look promising but are sugar-coated poison. But, like the Prince, someone came and rescued me from my soul that’s holding on for her dear life.

Like how the Prince’s true love’s kiss awoken Snow White from her sleep, the true love that found me, broke the spell of sin’s poison and awakened my soul from being dead to it. But, his true love came not in the form of a kiss, it came in a cross. And, one day, I too will be taken by my Prince to his kingdom in the heavens.

His love is accepting, like Prince Charming’s love for Cinderella. He didn’t love me for how I looked. His love took me as I am. It is not deterred by what I can give him, my physical attributes, or by my status in life. He loved me not because I was worthy of his love. He just did.

Like Prince Charming, my Prince searched everywhere to find the woman he loves, me. And when he did find me, in my rawest, unadorned, and most real state, it is when he asked me to be his. My Prince asked for my hand even when I was no longer the beautiful ‘princess’ in a sparkly gown, adorned with luxury.

All this, you too, can find. All this you can find in God.

There’s no one too beastly for His love.

There’s no one too lifeless for Him to breathe new life to.

There’s no one too lost that He can’t find.

There’s no one deserving of His love. But, still, He gives it freely and generously nonetheless.

The question is, will you allow yourself to be found by Him? The real promise of happily ever after awaits you. His love is not make-believe.

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