A Reminder That You Are Resilient

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There are times I’ve felt empty. Days I’ve felt lost. Weeks I’ve been low. And yet most recently—a period where I’ve felt stuck in a state of melancholy.

There’s a disconnect to the world laying heavy on my heart.

I could stand in the freezing rain without being frustrated with it, or jolted by it.

I could feel misunderstood by those closest to me, yet struggle to find a purpose to why that even matters at all.

I could remember the pain or the pure happiness of the past but never revisit the intensity or the power of the way it once felt. I could feel content but never more, and never less. And I could feel comfortable yet never comforted.

I guess the best way to describe it is exhaustion. Feeling spent. Being drained. Complete dejection. Or being utterly debilitated. With the world, with life, with myself.

But if there is one thing I have learned thus far, it’s that humans are made to withstand the harshest conditions.

I’ve learned I can make it through the overwhelming pain. I can make it through the emptiness that can leave me feeling completely bear, and I can make it through the fear that what I’m feeling just isn’t right.

Even though for me, it has nearly felt impossible to learn it actually is alright to not be all right all the time. Or even most of the time.

I’ve still learned that we are all resilient.

Humans are resilient.

I am resilient. You are resilient.

Even when it feels like you’re not. Even when you’re lost. Even when you’re low. Even when you’re struggling with feeling at all.

Even when it feels as if you couldn’t be weaker, or when you’re questioning yourself and every decision you’ve ever made, or when everything around you comes crashing down and you wonder if you’re built for this life or for this world, you are resilient.

On the days that drag by—on the nights that only intensify your loneliness, your regrets, your mistakes,  you are still resilient.

Through the weeks that blur into months and the years you look back on with regret, you are still resilient.

Through all of the doubts, in the mince of all the pain, you are still here.

You are alive and you fought to get here.

You battled every day. You survived every harsh truth that’s been thrown your way. You suffered through the storm of pain that poured down on your soul. And you’ve risen from the ashes, letting the light of a new day heal your spirit.

No matter who you are, or who you’ve been, or what you’ve done, or what you’ve been through, you are resilient, because you are still here.

And lucky for us all, we still have so much life left to live to get it all right. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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