8 Signs Your Ex Was An Absolute Egomaniac

8 Signs Your Ex Was An Absolute Egomaniac
Tim Gouw

1. Your ex thought that they were entitled to everything, even you.

Egomaniacs don’t believe in working for anything. They don’t believe they should have to. They think that the world owes them something, and they see themselves as a blessing to those around them.

Your ex made you believe that you need them, and they made you feel like you had to work your ass off if you even wanted to be wanted by them, because they wanted you to believe that you didn’t deserve them, and that they deserved so much more than you.

2. Your ex somehow had both the worst life ever, and the best life ever, all at the same time.

Egomaniacs need to one up everyone around them. Other people can’t have problems, because their problems are worse, and other people shouldn’t even bother talking about their accomplishments, because an egomaniacs accomplishments are always more impressive, and they want you to know it.

3. Your ex used people, for their own personal gain, even you.

Egomaniacs don’t love you. They use you. Your ex used you for everything that you were worth, but treated you like you were worthless, and they made you believe that it was true. Because at first, they will treat you like you mean everything to them, but only until they have gotten everything out of you. Then they treat you like a burden that they could easily go without.

4. Your ex tore other people down to build their own self up.

For egomaniacs, it isn’t even enough to compliment themselves. They need to make everyone else around them feel like they’re somehow less, especially their significant other, because if their significant other isn’t less than them, they can’t fuel their own addiction of feeling extravagant all the time.

5. You ex was selfish beyond belief.

Everyone is selfish to an extent, but egomaniacs take it to a new level. Everything is about them, and nothing could ever be about you. They start out 99% of their sentences with I, and they constantly talk about what they want. It doesn’t matter what you want. It never did.

6. Your ex believed that you were never too busy for them, but they were always too busy for you.

Egomaniacs can’t take being ignored, so if you ever even ignored your ex’s phone call, it most likely sent them spiraling. They screamed at you on your voicemail, and texted you more times than you could even keep up because they couldn’t even begin to understand how you could be doing anything that is more important than them.

Egomaniacs can ignore you though because their life is amazing, and that makes them extremely busy—sometimes even for days at a time. They can’t always have time for you, and you need to accept and understand that.

7. Your ex thought everyone who looked at them was into them.

Egomaniacs think anyone who even glances in their direction is obsessed with them, and they will brag to you about it. Sometimes it’s to make you jealous and put you back into that place where you feel blessed to have them in your life, and other times they just tell you because they can’t help themselves.

Egomaniacs need to brag, and they can’t go a minute without talking about themselves, and that includes talking about all the people who supposedly love them.

8. Your ex was kind of a dick.

Plain and simple, egomaniacs are mean people. Your ex used you, and hurt you. Egomaniacs don’t understand the feelings of others, and they don’t care to, because they serve no purpose to their own personal gain. Because remember, other people don’t matter to egomaniacs. They can’t, because nobody can ever matter as much as them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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