I Want Someone To Fight With Me

I want someone who’ll take a risk, someone who’ll take a chance on me. I want someone who’ll show me that they care not only when it’s convenient but also when things get complicated.

I want someone who’ll accept me for who I am, with all my insecurities, weaknesses, doubts and fears. I want someone who can understand my silence. Someone who can handle all of my moods.

I want someone who’ll see the pain I try to hide. Someone who knows I am hurt just by looking through my eyes. Someone who’ll not ask me if I am okay, but embraces me because they know I am not.

I want someone who won’t give up on me. Someone who’ll endure the pain not because they’re crazy in love but because they know I am worth it. I want someone who believes in me when I doubt myself.

I want someone who’ll tell me that they love me and prove it to me each day. I want someone who’ll mean it, not just say it out of habit, because words without actions are meaningless but actions without words are confusing.

I want someone who’ll stay with me through thick and thin. Someone who’ll stand by me as we go through all the storms. Someone who’s not only in for the good times but will also be there for the bad times. I want someone to hold me close and never let me go.

I want someone who’ll always choose me without a doubt, without hesitation. I want someone who’ll fight with me because I’m tired of fighting alone.

For once, I want someone who’ll still be proud of me when I’m not the best, someone who’ll love me more at my worst.

I want someone like this because this is the type of someone we all deserve.

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