Let Me Remind You What You Deserve

Let Me Remind You What You Deserve

In case you forgot what you deserve, let me remind you.

You deserve poems written with passion. You deserve every love song and every handwritten letter. You deserve slow dances and walks in the moonlight.

You deserve good morning and good night texts but more than that you deserve all the warm hugs, good morning and good night kisses.

You deserve breakfast in bed on a lazy Saturday morning. You deserve the little things done with consistency.

You deserve to be loved. You deserve all the love you’ve been giving that hasn’t returned. You deserve the love you thought you would never have.

You deserve to be showed off. To be known to every person they know and tell them how much they adore you. You deserve to be someone’s favorite topic with their best friends. You deserve someone who is proud to have you.

You deserve to be seen. You deserve someone who knows your worth and would never take advantage of it. You deserve to be fought for.

You deserve someone who would rather lose an argument than lose you. Someone who will bring down their pride because you are more important than their ego.

You deserve someone who will not give up on you. Someone who will stay by your side through thick and thin. Someone who says they got your back and mean it, every damn time.

You deserve all the “I love yous”. Even the “I love yous” left unsaid. You deserve someone who will say those words and will never doubt them because those words may lie but their eyes won’t.

You deserve someone who’ll make you feel YOU matter. Someone you can trust. Someone who will not make you question your worth.

You deserve someone who can make you happy not just laugh. Someone who’ll cheer you up when you’re not in the mood to smile.

You deserve someone who wants to grow old with you. Someone who works their ass off to deserve you not someone who lets you go just because they thought you deserve better.

You deserve someone who knows that love isn’t just about the butterflies in the stomach because love is deeper than that. Love isn’t always about the good times but it is also about the bad times.

You deserve someone who chooses you and will always choose you, even though they know that you might hurt them. Because when you love someone you’ll take the risk, no matter how terrifying it is.

You deserve to be someone’s reality not just another fairytale.

And as cliché as it sounds, you deserve the best and finest things life has to offer.

Because after all,

Babe, YOU are worth it.

I write for the one I love.

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