How To Pack For A Weekend Trip To Las Vegas


Las Vegas! The city that’s its own sentence. Nothing quite like a weekend Vegas getaway.

You have to pack with precision for an effective Las Vegas trip. You don’t want to pack too much and you want the essentials. Please note that I will be focusing on women here, as this is my expertise. Here’s how to do it.

1. Limit yourself to 2 carry-ons.

2. Open the carry-ons.

3. Wait several hours before you put anything in them.

4. Pack your best dress, the one that you haven’t been able to fit into for a year but now zips up all the way.

5. Find shoes to match. Put those in the bag.

6. Wait several more hours.

7. Go through your closet and drawers and pick the items you love, know you’ll wear, frequently wear, or some combination of all of these. If you’re debating over an item for more than 10 seconds, don’t pack it.

8. Then change your mind, and pack it.

9. Try on every bathing suit you own. Take photos of yourself in every bathing suit you own. Spend an hour trying to figure out which is the most flattering.

10. Order a new bathing suit from Victoria’s Secret. Use 2-day shipping, because you waited too long.

11. Grab a pair of flats, a pair of flip flops, and then whatever shoes catch your eye. Those great colorblock platform heels that you only wore once to meet your ex boyfriend’s ex girlfriend – you should definitely pack those.

12. Throw in all the underwear from your drawer.

13. Do a frenzied laundry run.

14. Leave the clothes in the washing machine. Forget about them.

15. Let 2 days go by.


16. Remember the clothes. Put them in the dryer.

17. You are running out of time. Grab a handful of jewelry and a handful of makeup and pack them in the makeup bag that isn’t your favorite but you can’t find your favorite and you cannot afford to be picky. There isn’t time.

18. Your bathing suit from Victoria’s Secret arrived. Put it on just to make sure it fits. Realize that 40 minutes have gone by and you’re still taking photos of yourself in your bathing suit in the mirror. Get frustrated and pack the damn bathing suit, because you are beautiful.

19. Then decide to pack every bathing suit you own. Just in case.

20. Don’t even bother packing a toothbrush or any toiletries. You’ll figure it out when you get there. Your flight is tomorrow.

21. Give up around midnight and go for a drink with your friend.

22. Stay until the bar closes.

23. Go to the karaoke place that is open until 4 AM.

24. Leave. Go home. Go to sleep.

25. Wake up. You are still drunk. You have 4 hours until your flight. You’ll be fine.

Jason Patrick Ross /
Jason Patrick Ross /

26. Pack anything. Everything. Pack until your luggage, and your heart, is full.

27. Take a quick nap.

28. Get to the airport. Realize you forgot to pack your Spanx.

29. Get on the plane. Realize you forgot to pack your favorite earrings.

30. Land in Vegas. Buy a toothbrush.

And that’s it! 30 easy steps on how to pack for a great Vegas vacation. You’re welcome. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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