On Nights Like This The Distance Feels Like A Black Hole

Paolo Raeli

On nights like this,
I imagine us in the car together.
The music is my playlist that we both
know like the back of our hands but
really my hand is resting lightly on
your thigh while your fingertips
trace my skin.
Your car smells a little
like tobacco and clean air and the
unique scent of you I know so well
when I press my nose against your neck.

We are far right now, my love.

And on nights like this the distance feels
like a black hole rather than 4000 miles,
But I go to sleep with a smile on my face
because I know that when one of us
crosses the Ocean one day,
your smell will still be the same,
my skin will still crave your fingertips,
and the memories of us in your car
will still be the place we seek refuge
when the bed is empty for the next
few months. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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