5 Simple Ways To Feel Happier On A Daily Basis 

Twenty20 / Jess.xn
Twenty20 / Jess.xn

I’ve realized that many of us spend majority of our life postponing happiness for a more convenient time. We tend to believe that it is only when we lose the extra weight, land the perfect job, or reach a particular destination that we would be capable of being happy. Thus, we continuously put off enjoying the journey until the destination is reached.

But, what if the idea of waiting for happiness is the only thing that is keeping it away? After all, happiness does not reside in the future and it hasn’t passed us by. Happiness is right here, right now.

Below are 5 of my favorite ways to feel happier on a daily basis.

1. Practice Gratitude.

Research shows that giving thanks everyday results in higher levels of alertness, enthusiasm and optimism. Try jotting down a few things you’re grateful for in a gratitude journal. It will help foster positivity and allow you to pay close attention to the good things in life that is often taken for granted.

2. Let It Go.

Detach yourself from mistakes, worries, and regrets. Stop allowing feelings of shame to shape your actions and experiences. Learn to change your perception of what is frustrating you by working to see the positive in everything.

3. Spend Time Outdoors.

Spending time in nature has been linked to mental health enhancement and less perceived stress. Take time to go for a walk or exercise outdoors. The serenity can improve your mood and increase self-esteem.

4. Sleep More.

Many of us are aware of the importance of getting an adequate amount of sleep. Yet, most of us fail to consider it a priority. Research shows that receiving a sufficient amount of sleep every night can not only boost happiness levels but also improve memory and lower stress!

5. Lend A Helping Hand.

New studies suggest that volunteering can improve mental health and aid in living a longer life. Try to take time to give back to your community and/or support a local charity. Helping others can provide you with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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