7 Thoughts You Have When Making An NCAA Bracket (And Know Nothing About Basketball)

YouTube / NCAA March Madness
YouTube / NCAA March Madness

1. The smallest number should win, duh… 1 is way better than 16 so I’ve got this bracket thing. So easy! Totally making big bucks on this thing.

2. Wait, 8 vs. 9? How in the hell am I supposed to know?

3. Oh that one has a cool mascot, so I’ll pick that team!

4. So now the green team plays the red team? Red is such an aggressive color and I like green better so the green team will totally win that.

5. I’ve heard of Duke, UCLA, and Gonzaga regarding basketball so let’s just go ahead and say they’ll win.

6. I should have all number 1 seeds in the Final Four, right?

7. I remember ESPN being on at the gym the other day and they say UK is the best, so they’ll win.

(Quickly Google UK to see what people say. I was right.) Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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