7 Types Of Roommates We’ve All Experienced At One Point Or Another

If there’s anything I’ve learned from living with roommates over the past four years it’s that they can make or break your life situation. No matter how many times I try to tell myself “it’s just where I sleep” while in a fight with a roommate, it’s always horrible and exhausting (whether it was your fault or not). But at the same time, I’m pretty sure there were breakups I wouldn’t have gotten through if it weren’t for roommates with cookie dough and Netflix movies. Not all your roommates are going to be your best friends, but not all of them are going to be the spawn of Satan either. You’ll probably end up with something in between:

1. The roommate who’s never home.

You know she lives with you and you know she pays rent, but somehow you’ve gone a solid two weeks without seeing her. Whether it’s reverse schedules or just that she has a more active social life than you, you never seem to run into her. At least she pays her rent on time, though?

2. The psychotic roommate.

She started off normal, you swear, but sometime after the first week she started to act a little crazy. Whether it’s accusing you of stealing her “study pills” or switching your shelves in the cabinet while you’re asleep, you’re pretty sure she’s starting to go off the tracks.

3. The roommate with the long distance boyfriend.

She started off the conversation with the fact that they have been dating for years and that they’re going to last forever and they’ll end screaming at their significant other on the phone at one in the morning. You’ve learned it’s probably better not to get involved and just have a roll of cookie dough for movie nights in the fridge at all times.

4. The roommate with the boyfriend that’s always there.

You swear you see the boyfriend more than you see the people that actually live in the apartment and you have a sneaking suspicion that he’s eating your food. You’ve also heard more things than you’ve wanted to and are starting to think about investing in a nice pair of earplugs.

5. The roommate who always wants to do things together.

These usually happen your freshman year of college, but they can be known to pop up at other times, too. It’s the roommate that wants to be with you at all times and then gets angry when you do something without her, because apparently you guys are not only BFFs but you’re also dating now. (Don’t watch The Roommate, it’ll just end up with you side-eyeing her for days)

6. The clean freak roommate.

If she’s not sending you passive aggressive vibes for leaving a cup in the sink, she’s “cleaning up” your things by placing them in a pile on your bed for when you get home. Because your laptop in the living room is making the place a disaster, you heathen.

7. The completely normal roommate.

The golden roommate who you end up watching Netflix with till 2 in the morning, eating Nutella out of the jar and talking about life. You’re not sure how you’re going to live without them when you become a big kid with a real job, but you’re thinking conjoined apartments and lots of girl’s nights. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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