You Don’t Have To Travel The World To Find Happiness

Joseph Strauch
Joseph Strauch

Something I’ve noticed since I’ve graduated college is that we millennials are obsessed with adventure. We’re obsessed with doing more, experiencing more and seeing more. I am no exception as I too love the thrill of new things.

But do you ever wonder if we’re so obsessed with the potential of adventure we forget about the excitement of everyday and of ordinary life? Recently I’ve observed a certain stigma associated with taking the “sensible,” road.

When you’re not doing the post-grad travel the world, aid sick children, climb mountains thing, but instead choose a 9-­5 job (one you may love, like myself, or even one that just pays the bills,) people almost immediately assume you cannot and will not be happy.

I understand this, as our culture has dictated a certain mediocracy associated with an “average” life. Everything around us says go do something different, and then you will achieve a sense of fulfillment and happiness. Perhaps I am overreacting, but everything around me seems to say “go out do something different.”

I’m one of a kind as are you, so isn’t that different enough? I think it should be. I say go out follow your passions, follow what your heart says, but no matter what you choose, don’t listen to anyone who tells you happiness is unattainable.

So fellow millennials, I want to challenge the notion that happiness comes from out of the ordinary, life altering experiences. Don’t get me wrong, adventure fuels the soul in an explicable way, but maybe it’s time to appreciate your adventure, regardless of what they look like. Treat everyday like it’ll be exciting and thrilling, and I promise you it will. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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