5 Things You’re Better Off Not Googling


1. How to fix your broken relationship.

OK, so maybe you two are going through a rough patch, we all have to walk through those. However, this doesn’t mean you should ask Google why your boyfriend isn’t texting you as much as he used to. Google is full of idiots in love just like you. One girl says it’s ok to dig through your boyfriends email while the other says she banished a husband for watching porn. The fun thing about life is we get to learn from our own experiences. Share your experiences on a blog if you must but please remember, it’s ok to mess up and it’s ok to not know where a relationship is going. If Google started fixing relationships, a lot of therapists would be out of jobs.

2. How to lose 15 lbs FAST.

There are only so many fad diets someone can try before food becomes the absolute enemy. Rather than living off of weird soups or Gwyneth Paltrow’s newest vegan diet, try treating your body with love. Stuff yourself with vegetables, fruits, lean meats, the occasional and amazing cheeseburger, and anything else that’s healthy. Just do it in moderation and remember, being skinny is a full-time job, sometimes we are made a little bit bigger than the average Instagram Fit Girl.

3. Is it normal to _____?

Is it normal to fart after eating Mexican food? Is it normal to want to randomly punch people? Normal or not, do not ask Google. The wonderful thing about being a human is that we have the ability to make genuine connections with other living, human beings. Next time you are wondering if something is normal or not, hang out with your buddies. I guarantee you’ll all end up laughing and sharing some embarrassing stories.

4. Medical symptoms.

Sometimes a belly ache is just a belly ache. And other times, a sore throat is going to ruin a college semester and call itself mononucleosis. Our bodies are full of roughly 100,000 miles of blood vessels, 206 bones, and a lot of other stuff that can easily get messed up. If you think about it that way, it might be normal to have an occasional twinge of pain here and there. Do yourself a favor and don’t ignore your symptoms. Go to a doctor if you feel like something might not be right or call and ask your mom, dad, or legal guardian- they know your medical history pretty well and have often times been where you are.

5. Your Friday night date.

I understand that things like Tinder are making dating more robotic and less magical. I selfishly hope my relationship lasts forever so I don’t have to figure out whatever masochistic dating culture we’ll have in the future. Let loose and go into something without expectations. Don’t expect him/her to be this intelligent, toned human. Expect them to be human. If you want to Google your date because you think he might be a murderer, maybe you should pick up your phone and cancel your plans. Then Google his name. TC Mark

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