woman in black shirt sitting beside man in black shirt

Will You Let Me Call You Home?

if they ask about home, i’ll tell them about your eyes
every shade of blue under the sky that grounds me
i’ll describe the dimples that cradle your crimson cheeks
evidence of the times where we’re real and i’m home

home is your hands tangled in your ash hair
the lines of your forehead when your brows draw tight in wonderment
it is your nose wrinkled in complaint
and when the tensity of your gaze fades into a stillness

there is safety in your laugh
a constant happy memory echoing from your chest
christmas lights in december and swimming pools in july
remnant of all the bliss that guides one home

home is you donning your favorite white t-shirt
nostalgic and humming a tune
too soon you say how it is getting late
just as i am getting settled

it’s the feeling when my head hits the pillow
knowing it cannot compare to the sound of your “goodnight”
the moonlight illuminating your features and reminding me of where i am
when where i am is home

home is the warmth of your body next to mine
as i let sleep take over with one simple promise
the promise that your warmth will remain come the morning
and another day with you it will bring

a gentle grip holds me steady
your fingers entwined with mine always did feel just right
the butterflies in my stomach take flight with your touch
i know that they too are home

home is over oceans and across deserts
it is traversing great divide after great divide
all in pursuit of the north star
all to ensure i am led back to you

on the day my body aches and my soul grows weary
when my tears cloud my vision and my blood roars in my ears
when my heart yearns for a pair of hands to hold it steady
will you let us call you “home”?

Be kind to yourself.

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