8 Things To Remember If You’re The Girl Who Has Been Cheated On

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Being cheated on is one of the most difficult things that you can deal with. And I just want to give you some advice and encouragement that I wish someone had given me:

1. Don’t ever wish to be like those other girls.

Because you cannot lower your own standards to become like the very people you’ve come to hate. They are not more than you are. They are the way that they are because they need superficial attention to survive. You are worth real love, not something superficial.

2. Don’t search for him in someone else.

You want to get as far away from him as possible. Yes, you loved him, but there is so much more to life after the boy who put his own emotions before yours.

3. Don’t be afraid of what you lost with him.

But look forward to what you will gain in life without him. A man who puts his own selfishness before his woman’s heart, is not a man at all. He needs to be afraid about what he lost. You did not suffer a loss at all.

4. It. Wasn’t. Your. Fault.

There was nothing that you could’ve done to prevent what happened to you. He did that out of his own immaturity and fear to love a woman that was as fulfilling and loving as you are.

5. His stupidity and disloyalty is not a reflection on your own beauty.

You were always enough, it was him that fell so short and felt that he needed hoes to boost his own ego. He is the one who LOST the one person who could’ve gave him all the reassurance and love he could ever need.

6. It was neve your loss- only his.

Look at yourself in the mirror and repeat it. You lost a boy who was so immature that he could never comprehend the deepness of your beautiful soul- that is his own character flaw. While he lost out on a woman who had her heart set on loving him and being loyal to him- which is, outstandingly, a much greater loss.

7. Take some time to be single and spend every living moment with your friends and family- they will always be there.

Don’t feel ashamed to call your friends late at night because you don’t want to be alone. That’s what they are there for.

8. There ARE people who love you.

They love you so much that the want to do anything they can to help you through this pain. Let them. And they will tell you how beautiful you are and how much more you are worth than to be sad over someone who was so ignorant to forget the beautiful love he was given and to act so terribly in his own selfishness. And they are right. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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