The 10 Perks Of Being A Single Lady


1. Not Giving A F**k

Feelings are exhausting. I don’t know about you, but on the rare occasion in which I find myself in a relationship, I typically care about the person I’m dating an awful lot. “Caring” comes with a wide range of emotions to worry about. When you like/love someone, you probably give lots of fucks about what happens to them/your relationship/etc. Being single means you are not obligated to give any fucks about anyone other than yourself, and that can be thoroughly liberating.


Sweet sweet freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want, without having to explain yourself to anyone. You want to go out with your girls Saturday night and have a couple of drinks and maybe flirt with that cute bartender? Girl, you go right ahead! You are free to do as you please. Take advantage of it!

3. Saving Money

Seriously…just think of all the money you save when you’re single. You don’t have to spend the extra gas money driving to and from your lover’s house, buying them presents, going on vacations with them, going out to eat, buying hot new lingerie, etc. You also get the luxury of going a couple extra weeks between waxes, hair appointments and mani/pedis. Don’t lie, bitch. We all do it!

4. Meeting New People/THAT Feeling When You Meet Someone New

Okay, meeting new people isn’t so much a perk when you meet shitty ones or get crept on by every creeper within a 50-mile radius. However, it is totally a perk when you meet someone awesome for the first time and get to experience that feeling you can only get from meeting a possible new love interest. Even if you’re not looking to date anyone seriously, it can still be nice flirting with that hot new person who wants to take you to dinner and actually replies to your texts. And, come on, you know you love the butterflies that come with getting to know someone!

5. Getting To Watch What YOU Want

Okay look, I know that some women have absolutely no problem with forcing some poor bastard to sit through a chick flick, but I am not one of them. I get zero enjoyment out of making a guy watch something I know he’s going to hate. Just like I get zero enjoyment out of watching something I know I’m going to hate. Being single means I can watch all the sappy and unrealistic rom-coms I want without any judgment from anyone other than myself. It also means I don’t have to be terrified by horror films that leave me crying/with nightmares/scarred forever or movies about Nazi Zombies, and that is truly a relief.

6. Eating Whatever You Want

There’s nothing worse than dating someone who comments on your food choices. I eat pretty healthy 90% of the time. If I want to stuff my face with a half a pint of ice cream while I watch a movie, that is my damn prerogative. When you’re single, you don’t have to explain your midnight munchies or your decision to eat cake for breakfast to anyone. You are free to sit on your bed in your underwear, eating Ben & Jerry’s while you watch What’s Your Number for the 200th time, and no one has to know!

7. New Things

One of the best parts of being single is getting to try new things. I used to be really big on routine and wasn’t particularly adventurous, but after a few disastrous attempts at love, I decided to be more open to really experiencing things. Trying new stuff when you’re dating someone is cool too, but doing it while you’re single can be an incredibly positive and healthy experience. Just being open to newness can lead to finding new interests, meeting new people, finding great new foods, discovering new places and making incredible new memories. Trying new things also helps you grow, and growing on your own now will help you be better at growing with someone later.

8. SEX

You know how sometimes when you’re in a relationship, the sex gets kind of boring and monotonous? How you may or may not be spending more time going over your list of errands in your head than getting off? When you’re single, you get the chance to explore your sexuality. While I certainly don’t condone carelessly sleeping around or throwing yourself onto anyone that will have you, I am a huge proponent of being sexually liberated and empowered. Not saying you can’t have amazing sex when you’re in a committed relationship, I just think that being single affords us the opportunity to try new things & try to get in tune with our deepest desires.

9. Not Having To Put Up With Someone Else’s Shit

Yup, I said it. Think about how much crap you have to put up with when you’re in a relationship, whether it’s legitimately bad shit that no one should ever put up with or just the day to day small annoyance shit, it’s still shit nonetheless. When you’re single, you don’t have to even begin to pretend that you’re ok with things you’re not ok with for the sake of your relationship. No more smiling politely at their moronic friend’s sexist comments or having to fall asleep to the sound of some damn machine that sounds like a stream and makes you have to pee every five minutes. THANK GOD.

10. Cake

I have to reiterate #6 because I just ate a piece of leftover birthday cake with my bare hands instead of just throwing it away like I had intended. That is not a sight I would ever want anyone to witness. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – HBO Girls

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