10 Reasons Being Single On Valentines Day Is Actually Great (So Embrace Your Singleness)

Flickr / Pemier Photo
Flickr / Pemier Photo

1. You can buy yourself your own crappy drugstore chocolate!

You don’t have to pretend to love it when some other person gives it to you as though they’ve really splurged. Plus, you can buy as much of it as you want — who said you only wanted one box?

2. No stress about finding the perfect gift!

You’re under no obligation to be thoughtful and spend your hard earned dollar bills.

3. You can do literally whatever you want to.

Go see Fifty Shades. Go picket Fifty Shades. Go do anything in the whole wide world because you aren’t held down by dinner reservations or the need to prove to the person you love that you do indeed love them.

4. You can go out and get really drunk with your friends if you want to.

Think you can do that with a significant other hanging around you on this the holiest of romantic days? No sir. Bonus: you can bet most guys/girls at the bar are single just like you if they’re out too.

5. You can stay in and wear your pyjamas all day with your hair in a dirty bun if you feel like it.

No need to get showered and shaved and primped to perfection. The only person you need to impress this V Day is you – and be honest, you’re already pretty into you.

6. You can have your friends as valentines!

I’m talking multiple gifts, multiple treats, multiple chances you’ll actually have a good time.

7. You can watch every sappy romance on TV and make as much fun of them as you want to.

Point out every unrealistic and ridiculous situation and have a good, hard-earned laugh.

8. Alternately, you can watch every sappy romance on TV and cry your guts out.

Who cares, it’s your call (see: #2).

9. You don’t have to wear lingerie that hurts.

Tight, constricting, heart covered garments that I have to wear under my clothes all night? No thank you. Unless you want to wear lingerie for yourself, in which case, do it and rock the hell out of it.

10. The final, undisputed best part about being single on Valentine’s Day?

February 15. All heart-shaped and specialty chocolate goes on sale baby, and it’s your time to shine. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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