8 Reasons Why Prince Harry Is The Best Royal

Admit it — you love to hear about the antics of the young prince. Ever the troublemaker, he has always been his responsible older brother’s witty, saucy opposite. He’s not resentful of the fact that he’ll probably never be king, he relishes it — less responsibility equals more opportunities for fun, duh. When they were boys, we had William pegged as the handsome one — well, no shade to Will, but oh how the tables have turned. Harry is the wild, rambunctious, perma-bachelor that we all know and can’t help but adore, and here’s why:

1. He’s ginger. This is a no-brainer. A now rare breed, redheads are ever sought after (really they are, I swear). That fiery, iconic, perfectly messy mop is the ideal complement to his equally fiery personality.

2. He’s cheeky. His humor never ceases to entertain. He’s more charming and personable than any royal we’ve ever seen (save for his beloved mother). Whether he’s cracking jokes about his balding brother, his sister-in-law, his new nephew or his ever-dwindling chances of taking the throne, he’s killing it.

3. He likes a good party. Think you would ever see William running around a Vegas hotel room naked? No, you wouldn’t. It’s no secret that Harry likes a bit of fun (and trouble) — and that just makes him all the more relatable. (Fun fact, he once spent one day in rehab. Just the one.)

4. He’s generous. He’s always donating time and money to various deserving charities. He started his first charity when he was just 21 years old (Sentebale, which provides education and health to orphans in Lesotho). Now he sponsors 19 different charity causes. What’s hotter than a man who likes to give back? Nothing. Nothing is hotter.

5. He can’t be tamed — by anyone, not even the Queen of England. The Queen hates beards and forbids even her staff from wearing them, let alone her own grandsons. She wanted it gone for the Christmas service but do you think Harry complied? No way. He waited a month before getting rid of that scruffy auburn wonderfulness — and only because his military service demanded it. Amazing.

6. He fought on the ground (and in the air) for his country. He was both a ground soldier and a co-pilot gunner on an Apache helicopter in Afghanistan. Enough said really. Patriotism is sexy as hell — as is bravery. (And have you seen the video of him cutting a CNN interview short to run to his helicopter for an urgent mission? Swoon.)

7.  He’s friends with Kanye West. It’s delightfully weird.

8. He just came into his inheritance — over 10 million British pounds. So, that’s a perk. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

featured image – Everett Collection / Shutterstock.com

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