4 Things To Do If You Haven’t Yet Moved On

Why do we still cling on to people who don’t appreciate us or stay in a toxic relationship that’s undeniably going nowhere? Why do you still bother to write a novel for someone who won’t even bother to read a single word, when you generously poured your heart out writing it? Why stay for someone who can’t be there for you even when you need it the most? It’s not because you’re never going to find someone as attractive or as amazing. (Hello, there are 10 billion other people out there. Just so you know. Here’s the thing: it’s not what they do, but what you don’t do.

1. Decide whole heartedly.

You tell yourself that you’re over your ex, but still make excuses just to talk him/her. You need to make a choice, because you’re just prolonging the agony. It’s either you still want him/her or you don’t. (If yes; stop whatever it is you’re doing and just go for it because with each passing day, you’re just letting that person get used to your absence. If no; block him/her everywhere: social media, phone, and live, if applicable to avoid temptation.)

2. Have fun (a.k.a. stop reminiscing).

Reminiscing about the past won’t bring that person back, only the memories. Stop thinking about how happy you were or what could have been. Your goal should be how to be happier than you’ve ever been even if it no longer involves that person. Go on an adventure, do something you’ve always dreamt of doing and just be happy with yourself.

3. Don’t be bitter.

You may rant for a whole week or two about how bad the relationship was and how much you wish you never met that person, but it’s not going to help. Dwelling on the past will only make you hurt longer. Look forward, not backward. Be a better person than that asshole who broke your heart.

4. Be thankful.

There are so many reasons to be grateful every day. Appreciate every positive attribute of anyone or anything that you can find. That’s more than enough to jump start your day. Be thankful that you no longer have to endure the past that you had to let go for whatever reason.

Stop wasting your present by holding onto bittersweet memories because the memories may stay but time will just pass you by. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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