10 Thoughts Every College Girl Has On The First Day Of Class

Community: Season 3
Community: Season 3

Summer is ending and you know what that means! Back to school we goo….!

1. I wonder if there will be anyone cute in my class

2. Why does everyone have the book?! Were we supposed to get the book already?

3. Oh he’s cute….oh but he’s sitting next to a girl…who looks to be his girlfriend.

4. Why is that girl wearing heels?

5. Will I make friends in this class?

6. Please don’t let that tall person sit in front of me…oh and there you go right in front of me….

7. 9:30 class…? Why did I pick this hour.

8. Shut up stomach, I know you’re hungry.

9. Oh, look – there’s my professor.

10. I should probably put my phone away. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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