How To Pick Yourself Up When You Lose Your Way

I’m Priscilla

Do you remember the last time you considered life to be enjoyable? Do you remember a time when everything felt simple, easy, and in the flow? It was likely because you were completely immersed in the moment. As we grow up and gain exposure to the world, we often lose sight of how lucky we are just to be alive because we feel burdened by responsibilities and the mundanity of everyday life.

There are an infinite number of ways in which we distance ourselves from the people we would like to be and almost none of them are intentional. We simply become accustomed to making the convenient choice rather than the choice we would actually prefer to make. While these choices seem harmless when we make them on a day to day basis, they have the potential to build up overtime.

We have all been there. We have all felt like we are at a standstill in life and have lost touch with ourselves. We have all felt weak in some way or another. When you feel lost, it feels like you lost your purpose – but this is not true.

The fact that you are acknowledging that you are feeling lost is a good thing. It means you are on the right track – you are further along than most people can admit. You have accepted that you have lost touch with who you are, and you are now ready to dig deep and find yourself.

The key is not to let yourself get stuck in the lost state – instead, tap into your heart and soul to create a blank slate for a life you love. The process of finding yourself begins and ends with assessing your independence, self-worth, confidence, and abilities. Commit yourself to reconnecting with what you love and take initiative. Watch your life change before your eyes.

Sometimes the ‘lost’ feeling is all-encompassing and you easily forget that YOU get to choose what YOU think and how YOU feel. We have to be more conscious of the moments that strip us of ourselves. Each chance we do not take, each move we do not make, every time we tip toe around “why not” and decide not. These are the moments that deny us of what could be the changes our lives desperately needed. And to find ourselves again in the midst of it all, we have to start making those tiny, seemingly-insignificant choices that could flip our lives on their head.

You will re-create yourself. You will re-define your self-worth. You will make these seemingly insignificant choices that can reverse the direction you are headed. You cannot discover yourself unless you look for yourself – so go get lost. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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