24 Things Girls Say While Getting Ready


1. What are you wearing? Are you like dressing up?

2. Red lipstick or no red lipstick?

3. Does this look okay? Are you sure this looks okay?

4. I just want to show him what he’s missing. Oh yeah he’ll totally be jealous.

5. Thank gosh I shaved.

6. Don’t leave me tonight! Seriously, we have to stick together.

7. Oh my gosh I LOVE this song. Turn it up!

8. Play something to pump me up.

9. No, I can’t start drinking until I finish getting ready!

10. Are you sure I look okay?

11. Let’s take pictures! We have to take so many pictures tonight. We haven’t taken any in so long.

12. Oh my gosh that looks so cute. You’re so pretty.

13. Okay wait let’s just take one shot.

14. Take a shot with me!

15. Just don’t let me get tooooo drunk tonight.

16. I have a really good feeling about tonight.

17. My alter ego is totally coming out tonight, I can feel it.

18. You better dance with me tonight!

19. Heels or boots?

20. Should I do the sock bun?

21. Here take a picture of us!

22. Okay I’m almost done, I’m almost done!

23. We have to be drunk before we even leave. We can’t show up there sober.

24. Shots! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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