Maybe You’ll Forget About Us, But I Never Will

The other night my roommate and I were bonding and I told her the story of us. When I finished the long and twisted tail I looked up and all she could say was, “That was the saddest story I have ever heard.”

I’ll never forget the day you asked me out, and how I responded with a typical answer of “I guess.” I’ll never forget all the times we met at the coffee shop on school nights, or drove around for countless hours just talking. I’ll never forget the first time I saw you in October during our freshman year of college.

I’ll never forget the look on your face when you ended it all.

I’ll never forget the first time I saw you after we broke up. I’ll never forget how sick I felt, as if I was going to collapse then and there.

I’ll never forget the past summer we shared together. The nights we ditched our friends and hung out at the bar across the street, and the time we couldn’t stop kissing each other on our walk through the park.

I’ll never forget when we left for college again, ready to take on sophomore year and how you said you knew this summer was a mistake. I’ll never forget how you made me feel so worthless. I’ll never forget the first time you texted me that September after not speaking to each other for two weeks.

I’ll never forget the breaks home and summers to follow how we kissed just about every time we came into contact with each other. I’ll never forget the night in the winter I cried as you told me the truth about how you felt.

I’ll never forget when you randomly asked me to lunch over my spring break junior year the night after I slipped up and drunk texted you. I’ll never forget lying in your bed at your school thinking, “Is this real life?”

Maybe you have already forgotten all of these things, but I have not.

I’ll never forget how naïve we used to be. That’s what I miss the most. We loved with everything we had in us and nothing else mattered. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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