5 Signs You Are Most Definitely A College Senior

5. You Prioritize Finding A Job over Doing Schoolwork

Like a newborn baby, opening its blinking eyes to the first rays of life, you suddenly realize that you’re well on your way out of the womb of school. 25 point response papers seem trivial, getting a head start on that problem set seems futile. You’ve got LIFE waiting for you, babies, now finish those campus recruiting applications, dammit!

4. You revert to freshmen year social problems

The biggest similarity between senior year and freshmen year is that when you go out as a senior, you look around the party and realize you don’t fucking know anybody. Where did these prepubescent creatures come from and why is there no beer left??

 3. Apparently YOLO is actually a legitimate excuse to damage your liver and obliterate your sleeping patterns

I was coerced by my roommates (ahem) into going to a party on Sunday night, after I was already exhausted from the weekend and had work looming (see #5). When you’re a senior, YOLO gets taken to a whole ‘nother level and suddenly you can’t use sleep, school, or health as scapegoats. Phrases like “This is the last third Sunday of September that we’ll ever have in college!” get thrown about often, and there’s nothing you can do about it because, well, it’s true.

2. People say “Hi” to each other again

I call it The Cafeteria Effect. It’s like we’ve taken an unspoken oath where, after not seeing/speaking to your classmates for over 2 years, you start being friendly to everyone again. “How have the last couple of years been?? You still premed?” “Nah man, gave that up freshmen spring. PolySci is where it’s at!” Great! Now don’t actually tell me about the last 2 years of your life, let’s just get drunk together.

1. You can’t help but smile

After over 3 years of burning the candle on 10 sides, losing and discovering yourself many times, and becoming an expert bullshitter, you have somehow managed to meet the most amazing people, take at least one life changing course, and appreciate everything that college has been for you. You’re excited to spend these next few months with your classmates, even if you don’t yet feel ready to take on the real world. And you can’t help but smile. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – Postgrad

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