There Is No ‘Right’ Time To Fall In Love With Someone

Everyone is different. We love differently and fully. You may have loved someone with everything you had, but it was nothing compared to how you felt with someone that you’ve only known for a few weeks. You can give, give, and give to someone, but if he or she is not meant to be yours, then the giving becomes only repetitive daggers in your heart. You may spend years with someone you thought you loved but unconsciously knew you couldn’t get down on one knee or say yes to a proposal.

On the flip side, you can meet someone on a random day at a random time and in that exact moment feel different than any other time you felt with the person you tried for so long with. You will not hesitate or stray away from that person when you feel the tension pulling you in closer. It’s something about their smile that you can’t seem to forget. It’s something about the way they laugh or smell that lingers in your mind. It’s something about how you lay awake at night thinking about being in their presence. But you just met, and how could you already be feeling this way when you never felt that way about the person you tried so long and so hard with?

You ask yourself, “Is this too good to be true?” You make yourself pull away because it’s unusual for you to fall so hard and so fast. But the reality is that you can love someone more intensely within a month than someone you loved for years. Everyone loves differently. Find someone who makes you feel passion that results in fire and strength that is found behind the laughter. When you stumble across that person who brings our the fire in you, don’t run from the feeling based on how long you’ve known them.

Remember, there is no “right” time to fall in love with someone, so love deeply and fully and with no restrictions. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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