When Your Friend Is The One Who Breaks Your Heart

When Your Friend Is The One Who Breaks Your Heart

We are told at a young age that making friends and having friends will be the root of our happiness. The more friends you have the happier you’ll be. But what they forget to mention is that friends can cause the biggest heartbreaks that you’ll ever experience.

Finding someone who is as like – minded as you, where you immediately click and share the same ideas and laughs is something we all look for in a friend. Someone who will be there for you through every trauma and every broken relationship. Someone who you can go to when you need a night out in the town or a wine night venting about your latest break up. That person becomes your best friend and you wouldn’t change it for the world.

Then one day, everything changes and that person isn’t the person that you thought they were. Nobody prepared us for that. Nobody told us what we are supposed to do when your person isn’t your person anymore. Nobody gave us advice on how to lose a best friend, because everyone hopes that it’ll never happen to them.

Imagine your worst heartbreak and multiply it by 10, that’s what it feels like to lose your best friend. You’re grasping for everything and anything to make them stay. You say sorry for things that you never even did wrong. You cry for hours or even days because for the past 4 years that is the person you went to for everything and now you feel like you lost everything.

Losing a friend whether or not it was your fault that they are gone is something that nobody can prepare you for. The heartbreak is like no other. Every time something happens, you want to talk to them. Every time you meet someone knew, you want to share all the details but then you realize that you can’t. So be careful when choosing your friends because what they don’t tell you when you are young is that friends can break your heart too.

I write so I do not have to feel frustration within my soul.

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