What Everyone Needs To Understand About Highly-Sensitive Girls

Diana Simumpande

Although there are some negative stereotypes to sensitive girls, worse comes to worse, its just the reality we need to face. Everyone who is sensitive may not be like this but for some it really is extra harder to get by in life and these are the reasons why:

1. We are our own biggest haters and critics.

Just know that whatever you say, every time you point out a flaw or an insecurity, there is no one judging us harder than ourselves. We know what its like to look in the mirror and tell ourselves the things that you say behind our backs. It’s an obsessive behavior to look the part in society’s expectations because we don’t handle rejection all too well and it builds that “perfectionist” character among us, thus being sensitive. It hurts us to see someone being bullied or to be bullied because in our part, insecurities are a crippled area in us that need affection. It makes us have a standard in looking for boys who accept brokenness whole heartedly and who are man enough to love the agony away.

2. We really don’t mind being alone.

Tuning out the rest of the world is our safe place. Being with ourselves is a time wherein we get to hear ourselves think so we know we’re still sane. It gives us the opportunity to relieve all anxiety that our day to day living gives us. At the end of the day no one will understand you better than you. There is a certain peacefulness that self love can bring you and to understand that, you must know what it feels like to be alone. On the days we think the world is out to get us, doing a little something for ourselves gets us thinking… believing… the world has not and will not change me.

3. We experience pain on a deeper level.

It’s like this curse of feeling everything a little too much and when the feeling isn’t good, it can take a serious toll on us. Our emotions are triggered way too easily more than others and in some cases, this builds social anxiety for those who have no way of diverting their emotions to something else. Whenever we hear things like “learn to let it go” or “it’s not worth all that feeling” it doesn’t really help us improve character but it’s only feeding our anxieties. Whenever others get emotional over something, sensitive people are the best to turn to for comfort because we respect and understand your feelings… and in turn we just need someone to do the same for us.

4. We take ‘I love you’ seriously.

People throw I love you’s around like it’s not dangerous… Like you can take it back the moment you don’t mean it anymore. We become sore when we hear these words not because our hearts are from the stone age but its because we don’t hear it to often or there’s no reason for it to have meaning where we stand. Everything you say (especially if your important…) goes into one ear and radiates throughout our entire existence. So don’t say stuff you can’t own up to because forgetting isn’t exactly an easy job.

5. We have a lot of trust issues (but it’s not our fault).

We see the pros and cons to everything, which can be useful in some situations but most of the time we use it for pre-­‐assumptions in our decisions. It is within our character to believe that although we should see the best in someone, there’s no reason not to see the worse that comes with it. This constant battle between two different things is emotionally draining especially when people don’t understand why you are the way you are. Should you choose to love or forget? To give in or let go? Trust is as fragile as we are so we don’t just go around giving it to people, but the moment that we do, the bearer of our trust becomes our lifeline. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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