Remembering When We Were Younger

Two children hold hands while walking away from the camera in a meadow
Annie Spratt / Unsplash

Life was simple and full of magic.

We danced like nobody was watching underneath a clear sky with only the headlights shining through to give us light. Coming inside when the magic lifted a bit as a coyote yowled somewhere in the distance. The field full of fireflies fluttering to a field full of the unknown as we ran into the comfort of the house, settling down to make treats for a movie.

We laughed as we spun the mixer a little too far above the bowl, spotting us with cake batter.

We cried when the heroine loses the one she loves in the most epic but cliche way while snacking on popcorn and M&Ms mixed in the bowl.

We sang and pretended our hairbrushes, phones, wooden spoons and spatulas were microphones as the living room turned to an arena filled stage one only dreams up for one night only.

We accidentally threw glitter across the room and spray painted our hair different colors thinking we were technicolor unicorns for the night.

We mumbled incoherently secrets in the dark of past crushes of that boy on that basketball team with a number 3 wishing by some miracle he ends up in the field holding a boombox over his head professing his love for you like a cheesy 80’s romcom you cannot get enough of.

We fell asleep in the wee hours of the morning as blankets, pillows and glitter coat the dragged in mattresses on the living room floor. Another movie quietly playing in the background.

We woke up the next morning to a make your own waffle bar. A table full of sweets to pile on top of the sugary goodness to wake us up from the night we ruled the world.

Life was so simple. Full of magic and light. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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