So What If You Fail Along The Way?

Brendan Church

I am sure everyone is too familiar with the line, “Things are easier said than done.”

I’ll go on a diet. 

I will keep my ties with my high school and college friends. 

I will be committed to my partner. 

But then, life happens. You pass by your favorite sweet shop. Or you get too engaged with your career and forget about relationships. Or someone comes along who tempts you in the worse way possible. But then, by God’s grace, you come out victorious. You walked away from the sweet shop. You managed to contact your friends. You chose your partner over and over again. You get the point. You attain your goals. You are proud of yourself. People are cheering you on. You have got it all together.

Then, pride creeps in. You are now too concerned with the image that you have created that you fear you will make mistakes along the way. So you stay safe. You take minimum risks and you stay behind the scenes. Everything is going smoothly. Sure, nothing happens to you. And that is the sad part. NOTHING HAPPENS. No risks, no growth.

I remember the time when my grades defined who I was. A grade below 90 is a disgrace to my inner community: me, myself and I. I would not forgive myself and was so concerned with what others would think about me. Entering college broke the image that I’ve build all my life. Suddenly, I was an average girl in a sea of geniuses. My image crumbled, and so did my pride.

I learned to accept my limitations. I learned to ask help from others. Yes, I failed and stumbled countless times but I LEARNED.

Upon learning, I gained many of my meaningful, soul-seated and long lasting friendships. I realized that being vulnerable is okay, because those you’ve entrusted to show who you are will love who you really are. They will journey with you and as you journey together, you will be smarter, stronger, braver and more beautiful. And, oh, your  spirit will soar.

Perhaps that is one of the most worthwhile risks we can do as humans: to be vulnerable to others. To learn to trust others with yourself. To see that self-growth is more important that how people will perceive you. Growth more than image. As God’s daughter, I am confident in my image in Christ. Oh, I fail Him along the way but my failures do not define me anymore. Jesus does. And that is enough for me. I now see this life as a training for me to what is ahead.

There are days that pride still creeps in. That I once again become more concerned with what others think, than what God wants me to learn in a certain aspect of my life. But God’s grace always draw me close to Him, reminding me that I am made whole in Him. So I get the courage (and sometimes, or oftentimes  make a fool out of myself) and go out there!

So keep on growing, dear heart! Aim high. Write your goals. Dream big!

So what if you will fail along the way? Perhaps some friends might even leave you, but that is great because you’ll know who the real ones are. So what if you look like a failure? That is just temporary. You can try again, and when you do, you know you are better. Choose growth instead of your ego. Choose growth instead of your pride. Enjoy the journey and the cojourners. Every step is worth taking.

When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom. (Proverbs 11:2, NIV) Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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