I Am Woman


I am a flickering flame threatened with the chance of rain.
The trembling hands left after worry came for a visit.
I am the loss of breath after panic strikes.
The heavy tears that travel their way past my exhausted eyes.

I am the steps I should’ve never taken.
The unexpected news that attacks the faintest of hearts.


I am a flower blooming from between the sidewalk crack.
The unforeseeable sunlight coming out to play after a thunderous rain.
I am the electrifying words falling off the tip of a poised pen.
The welcoming waves that continue to kiss the shore we walk along.

I am a riveting page turner just waiting to be devoured by curious minds.
The breeze that dances with the leaves of the highest tree.

I am the anchor that keeps my ship afloat.
The road map to my heart’s deepest desires.

I am radiating absolute beauty,
the kind of beauty that is imperfect but still leaves you breathless for more.

I am fierce as the lightning striking our earth’s surface.
The mold of all who came before.
I am woman, hear me roar. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Working on a sunny disposition.

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