You Deserve To Find Beauty From Within

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When we love someone our eyes focus on their inner and outer beauty. From deep within the soul to the tip of the eyelash, we believe they are sheer perfection. What happens when the person we love doesn’t see themselves the same way? How can we love someone else when we can not love ourselves?

We do not see ourselves in the same light as those who love us. There is a disconnect. The influx of body shaming in this world is disturbing. The unattainable expectations of beauty and perfection distort what is perceived as rational desires. Every picture in a magazine isn’t even real in the first place. It’s been airbrushed. It’s like we, as women, are looking into a fantasy – comparing ourselves from the outside in, and we can never be what’s merely imaginary perfection. We are at a disadvantage just by opening our eyes in the morning. Just like self-confidence comes from the inside out, not seeking approval, so does body love.

There are so many things women can do to break this cycle and begin to love their magnificent selves.

The main thing – remove negativity from your life. You don’t need someone to walk around being your mentor or cheerleader but you don’t need an ax man either – someone constantly cutting you down.

We are the vessel through which sacred energy, sexual energy, life force energy, radiance comes in us, as us, and through us. If we stop that flow, we’re sad, cranky, and exhausted. We look older. We compare ourselves to others. We feel like we are not enough. Yet, when we are this knowing, and source our worth from the inside out and begin to be best friends with our body, life changes. We’re laughing of how we fall in love with our bodies. There’s are actions that need to be taken. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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