Here’s How You Love Your Body No Matter What Society Says

Daria Nepriakhina / Unsplash

As a woman, learning to accept your body — your faults, curves, creases, and crevices, is one of the biggest obstacles you may have yet to overcome.

For me, I found a grey hair in my eyebrow in my 20’s, a few in my “regional area” in my 30’s, and finally at 45 – a 4” strand that stuck straight up out of my crown. Lovely.

Here’s the thing, our point of view of our body is what makes all the difference. It is all about mindset. If your body is ugly to you, it is ugly despite what anyone else may say. If your body feels broken, your mind is set on it being broken.

So, what would it take to change this perspective? To love our bodies and see them for their glory rather than their faults?

Ask yourself this: What if your body was your best friend? What if you personified your body and it could speak to you clearly about what you needed in order to thrive, be radiant, youthful, sexy, and feel alive? What if it could tell you to stop stressing, who to date, how much to sleep, to follow your dreams, to allow others to support you when you need it? Would you cherish it more? Would you value what it had to offer you for guidance and support? Believe it or not, all of this information is being transmitted to you every day by your sweet beautiful amazing body.

Stop the judgment and learn to listen to your body. End the abusive comments, negative behaviors, and allow yourself to exude love, gratitude, and kindness towards your body and inner self.

Your body is ready to guide you in what to eat, who to date, where to go and what to do.

Your body is there to welcome contributions from every molecule in the universe, from the trees, bees, people, and galaxies beyond our imagination – just ask.

Where do you start? Try this: take the point of view that you are sexy. Look for it in what you do, how you walk, how you move throughout your day. Dress like it in either the shirt that flatters your body or the color that makes your eyes sparkle. Flirt with yourself in the mirror. Walk into a room and watch it fill with your radiance.

Adore your curves as voluptuous, adore your eyes that reveal your soul, adore the spring or sway in your step, adore how the breeze feels in your hair, and how the sun feels penetrating your skin.

Enjoy your body. Love Yourself. TC mark

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