14 Reasons Being Home-Schooled Is Awesome


1. My mom printed my high school diploma using Microsoft Publisher and I got into largest college in my state with no problem.

2. I learned to set my own schedule and manage my time at a young age.

3. No wasting time waiting for class to be over. When I finished my work I was able to move on to the next subject.

4. This allowed me extra time to start my own soap making business and make money on the side.

5. I was much better prepared for college because I already knew how to take initiative, and responsibility for my learning.

6. One on one discussion with my teacher/parent, or tutor allowed for personalized and engaging learning experiences. I had no hesitation to ask questions.

7. Being home-schooled freed me from the stresses of excessive testing. People can be taught how to pass a test, but it’s not always an indication of their retained knowledge.

8. At an early age I began to think about how I wanted my education to be tailored toward my goals.

9. Being home-schooled taught me that learning doesn’t have to be tedious.

10. I was able to choose my social activities by playing multiple sports, and taking dance lessons.

11. I also took elective classes, such as art, video tech, and German at my local high school.

12. I learned to think critically and objectively.

13. I wasn’t made to feel bad about being an introvert.

14. I graduated early. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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