Too Fat? Too Skinny? You Both Aren’t Beautiful.


You see it everywhere. It’s the inescapable fad of being fit. Everyone you see is wearing workout clothes.

“GYM TIME!” says everyone, via Facebook Status. They want to make sure you know that they are working on it. Every cover of a magazine has a ferociously fit girl on the cover. Put down your jellybeans and cry because the fad of becoming fit isn’t going anywhere my friend. While it may be depressing if you are any size over two, I have noticed a disturbing trend among this fad. Surprisingly, it’s not people being called fat. It’s people being called too thin.

One week on US Weekly may be a headlining article about how to get thin quick and the next week the girl gracing the cover is being ridiculed for being too thin. We look at these magazines that so heavily influence women and children today and no wonder they have self-esteem issues. Society can’t make up its mind. It is absolute poison that they are spreading and a sickness like that isn’t easy to cure. Poor little girls. What on Earth are they supposed to think? With all of the images and contradicting headlines, I have to ask myself: What is wrong with society? The same people who tell you to be yourself and to love you for the person you are…they’re also telling you that you are too fat and if you lose that weight, too skinny. I have seen firsthand on social media girls saying things like: “Thin isn’t beautiful!”

Says who? Who is anyone to judge someone who takes care of their body or for goodness sake someone who can’t help that they are just tiny? You want to make them feel bad about themselves because your scale doesn’t read what you want it to. Step back people.

Ask yourself what kind of message you’re sending before you call anyone fat or too skinny. You are beautiful. Whether you are a size fourteen or a double zero, my God, you are beautiful. I measure beauty by how comfortable someone is in their own skin. If you aren’t, change it and screw anyone who has a problem with it. Love what sets you apart from the world, even if it is your size. Just think: If you don’t want anyone calling you fat, at least think twice before you say, “Thin isn’t beautiful.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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