To The Girls Who Think They’re The Exception That Will Change His Bad Boy Ways

Congratulations! You got him! The man who has three other girls’ texting him on the regular. The guy who still is actively using his tinder profile. The guy who has all random hot girls in his best friends list on snapchat. Ah, girl but you are different, aren’t you? You think you are the exception to this man. Do not get me wrong, I once thought that too. I once thought I was different in his eyes. But you know so much better, right? You know how hard it is when his phone lights up to a snap notification from the girl he SWORE he has not talked to in three months.

We all want to be the savior. We want to be the woman that makes the bad guy a good guy. For a little while, it might seem like you did it. You made him change and he loves you dearly. But I promise you that you did not. Darling, you are the rule. Please stop hurting yourself trying to fix a man who has no means to change. He is with you because it is easy. You make it so easy for him, do you know that?

Repeat after me: “I am not the exception.”

You are so special. You really are, I promise you that. You have a smile that melts hearts, and eyes that make you shine. But you are not the exception to these bad boys. It is like you are praying for rain but complains when it storms. It saddens me watching you repeat this behavior. After you know he is out doing what he is doing, and you let him come into your bed time and time again.

Do not get me wrong, I was this girl at one time. I went through this with a man, who was everything but a man. I have heard all the lines and lies they feed you behind closed doors. They tell you they love you and these girls are just jealous, yet they never comment back on your tagged Facebook post, or even worse, they hid them from their own walls and the only reason you know is because your best friend pointed it out.

Then you make excuses for him. All the excuses you come up with. The “you do not understand” and “but he said he loves me.” Sweet girl, accept what is and what is not. Your friends may not understand, and he might love some idea of you, but he does not love you. You do not lie to loved ones, no matter how hard the truth is.

I remember when I finally realized the man who played me this way really did love me. It was when he was finally truthful. He finally hurt me with the truth. I accepted this and let go of what I thought was the man I had loved. The person who I fell in love with did not exist, turns out my love for this…thing was not real, because the relationship was not real.

Please understand I am not trying to hurt you. I am not trying to take your man away. I am not trying to tear you apart. But think about it. Please think about it. Do you want to spend the rest of your life with a man who you had to compete with other women against to have? Who says this will be the last competition? Most likely, it will not be.

A real relationship is not a game. It does not get built on lies and deception. Please understand sweet girl you deserve real true love. Love from a real true man who does not play these mind games and have other women blowing up his phone. I have been on both sides of this, and trust me, both suck. Both women are victims of this cruel guy, except those rare nasty kinds of women who know about you and go at him anyway.

You are beautiful and have so much give. Please do not give it away to someone not worthy of your amazing love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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