3 Things You Can Decide To Do Now To Be Happy, Immediately

Flickr / David Goehring
Flickr / David Goehring

There is a reason that you are not happy and I can simplify that reason into one word: You. Three letters, one syllable — wow, that simple! YOU are the reason why you spend your days being unhappy when you could have actually been happy this entire time.

I am aware that while that may have seemed like the easiest answer, I must confess that there is so much more to that. I know there is a back-story behind your sadness. While every baby comes out of the womb crying, it does not mean that we are born unhappy. I know that boy hurt you, you disappointed your parents, and your friends deserted you; none of that has to affect you as profoundly as you have let it.

We are all human which means that we have emotions! While we may think as though something is wrong with us when we are too expressive of our emotions, in reality, nothing is actually wrong! We are built to be happy, sad, confused, angry, ecstatic, etc. With all of the possibilities of emotions, why do we deem it so hard to achieve the simplest one? Happiness.

I am about to share with you some great secrets on how to work towards your end goal of happiness. Consider this like Jenny Craig for emotions—shed those bad vibes in 30 days or your money back! Okay, so maybe not that easy but just go with it okay?

1. Turn negative connotations into positive ones

So the guy you just ended things with showed you some great new bands and albums to listen to or even just played a certain song all the time—don’t stop listening to them. I am not saying that this easy. Trust me, if you told me four years ago that I could listen to Gravity by John Mayer without hysterically crying, I would call your bluff.

2. Facebook stalk the people with the good morals not the people with good style

You log onto Facebook and immediately type in that girl’s name with the Chanel bag and Balenciaga boots. You are so jealous of this girl, whom you know has the world’s shittiest personality, all because of the material things that she poses with day in and day out on social media. This is SO wrong. I have spent many a night and day trolling through other people’s Facebook profiles just because I wanted to learn how to be just like them, even though in some cases that would require a lot of Daddy’s money. Quite the expensive charade. This sounds so sad but I know I am not alone in this. We stalk the people we will never be like!!! This is so freaking weird!!! Go stalk that girl who just made dean’s list and just became president of her sorority—she seems like she has a good head on her shoulders!

3. Gravitate towards positive energy

I can definitely not say enough about my friends, specifically, my college friends who turned out to be the best friends I have ever had. They are the realest and most hip people you will ever meet in your entire life and trust me, if you had a dose of the people I surround myself with, then you would be just as happy. I had the toughest time in high school and I never made friends from my town who I could actually foresee being friends with after graduation. With the friends that I have made in college, I could see our kids becoming friends. It is all about the positive energy. I rarely go a day without laughing my ass off and the days that I do go without, my friends are there literally right by my side to cheer me up and make sure that a smile ends up on my face. They are the greatest human beings; please find that in your own life.

While I may not be extraordinarily happy every day, I am glad to say that I lead a happy life. In my short time on this planet so far, I have learned to block the negative out of my life. While it may come back from time to time, it never stays long. You have the right to be sad sometimes but a sad day doesn’t mean you need to lead a sad life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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