To The Guy I Unintentionally Scared Off

Flickr / Dayna Bateman
Flickr / Dayna Bateman

Everything in life is contextual. You take one simple thing out of its original place and it boasts a different meaning.

Thoughts, words, each and every single character on your screen — that is how I am able to process life and get through it all. Just because you can read my innermost thoughts, doesn’t always mean you should. I write to figure things out, things like you sometimes. I know I can’t stop you, but everything I write is only going to fuck with your head and make you think I’m 10 times more psycho than I actually am.

When was the last time that your thoughts made sense? They’re a little crazy sometimes, right?

Would you be able to say everything that is constantly going through your mind? Well, that answer is no and I would never want it to be yes. The thoughts that run through our brains are our raw emotions that have yet to be graced with sensibility and reality. These thoughts need to be treated before they can actually escape into the real world.

I am not going to apologize for my raw emotions gracing your computer screen. I am not going to apologize for thinking the way that I do. I can’t make you understand everything that goes through my head. I may be an enigma — something that needs to be figured out, but honestly that’s up to you if you would like to attempt the puzzle that is my mind. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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