Some People Aren't Meant To Last Forever (So Love Them While They're Here)

The Most Important Thing I Will Ever Tell You

you matter. in so many ways, this is the most important thing i will ever tell you. for the times when joy is an easy thing. for the times when nothing touches you but sadness. you with your grief and your sorrow. you with your father’s nose and untamed hair. you with your secrets. your mistakes. your smiling eyes. your hopefulness. you with your anxiety. your swirling depression. your weariness. your laughter. your ambition. your little quirks and oddities. your yesterday and your tomorrow.

all of the things you carry and all of the things you have finally put to rest.

there are those who will try to undermine the importance of your intimate reality. it is my greatest hope that these people will be few and far between. and by the time their words have reached your ears, you know that when the smallest moments become the most cared for, when the every day becomes the most sought after, your view of the world around you can shift.

when it does, i pray it is to a lens that understands: joy is a thing to be fought for.

still, in every sentence i have ever written i have tried to tell you one singular truth.

the sky is only the highest you can reach if you do not accept the possibility of potential beyond what is known to your own two eyes.

there are still extraordinary things to be discovered. in the world, vast as it is. in your heart, as strong and mighty as it beats.

please remember, living isn’t something to take lightly, and when i tell you that there is light here if you search for it, i mean there is an entire universe of stars stitched together just waiting for you to unfold your mind and taste them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Alison Malee is an accomplished poet, author, and actress. Read her book Shifting Bone here.

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