Learning To Love Yourself And Other Fun Things To Do In 2017

Grace Chung
Grace Chung

1. Don’t settle. Not for anything. Not for anyone.

2. Be aggressive in the pursuit of your dreams.

3. Complain less than you express your gratitude.

4. Remember you don’t have to get everything right the first time.

5. Go on an adventure.

6. Do something each and every day that is outside of your comfort zone. Seriously, try to challenge yourself.

7. Love fiercely.

8. & learn to love yourself. Not just put it on a to do list. Not just think about it. Try. Daily. Make a conscience effort to spend some time with yourself every single day and learn just how worthy you are of love.

9. Be kind. To everyone. In any way you can.

10. Be generous with your time. Your loved ones, your family and friends, all deserve some uninterrupted time with you.

11. Stay off of Social Media at least one or two days a week. You need a break. It’s healthy.

12. Pay it forward. Buy someone a meal or a coffee.

13. If you can afford to do so, donate to charity. If you can’t afford to give money, give some time on a Saturday.

14. Try new food. Try food from all over the world. Try a different kind of pizza. Try a new recipe. Experiment with flavors.

15. Learn how to be your own bartender.

16. Dedicate time to something that brings you happiness. Whether that is working out, journaling, meditation. Put aside a designated amount of time just for that.

17. Treat yourself when you accomplish a goal.

18. Remember that no opportunities will come to you if you aren’t out there searching for them.

19. Tell more people how much you love them.

20. Live in the moment. This last year went so fast. The new one will, too. Take every single moment as it comes. Be present. Embrace this year. Embrace this new opportunity to grow. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Alison Malee is a poet and the author of the book Shifting Bone.

Shifting Bone is available as a physical and electronic book. You can buy it here

Alison Malee is an accomplished poet, author, and actress. Read her book Shifting Bone here.

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