This Is For The Women With Wild Hearts and Even Wilder Dreams

Jeff Isy
Jeff Isy

This is for the women who woke up this morning hungry for the world. This is for the women who need more to satiate their hearts and minds than gossip magazines and reckless Saturdays.

This is for you. You, who crawled out of bed this morning with your heart on your sleeve and ideas swirling in your head. You, who woke up exhausted yet ready for all this day has to offer you. You, the chaser of your dreams, the work hard – play hard, love ferociously kind of woman.

This is for you. The women who have endured strangers and loved ones alike belittling their dreams. The women who listened to business seminars given by men, for men. The women who day in and day out give their all to their homes, their careers, their families, their spouses. The women who ask for nothing in return. This is for the full hearted, the fearless. The women who endure the endless nights of no sleep to write their novel, to study, to build the life they have been dreaming of.

This is for you, my powerful sister. What is on your mind? What have you been dreaming of? What is setting your heart on fire?

Your ideas are the backbones of legends.

The beauty of something that others consider impossible is that you know the opposite to be true. Because you know that there are no limitations when it comes to your pursuits other than the ones you put in place out of fear. And fear cannot drag you under unless you give it control.

This. This is a reminder that you can and you will accomplish anything that you set out to do. Why? Not because you will not stumble. Not because you are flawless. Because you are made of perseverance. Because you know that everything is within reach if you are only courageous enough to reach out your hand and take it.

You, darling. You are more than beauty. You are more than skin and hips and empty smiles. Your future can and will be brilliant because each day you are designing it. Each decision, each step forward. You are building an empire.

So this. This is a gentle reminder that you are powerful beyond measure. That no matter how many nay sayers chase after you on your way to greatness, brandishing their closed minded opinions, you can out run them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Alison Malee is a poet and the author of the book Shifting Bone.


Shifting Bone is available as a physical and electronic book. You can buy it here

Alison Malee is an accomplished poet, author, and actress. Read her book Shifting Bone here.

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