12 Things I Love About You That I Can’t Tell You Because I Have To Be ‘Chill’

1. The way you say words with hard “Ts” like kitten, or curtain.

2. The way your face lights up when you see me.

3. Your hair. Even when it’s terrible – I still love it.

4. The small chip in your front tooth.

5. When you laugh – like REALLY laugh at something and it comes out in more of a yokel-type chuckle.

6. How passionate you are – and sometimes it comes out in ugly ways. But, still your passion shines through.

7. The way the blue in your eyes shines.

8. Your ridiculous clothes.

9. How unashamed you are of human emotion like tears or anger.

10. The way you smell.

11. How gently you treat me in bed, with the occasional hint of sexual aggression. It’s perfect.

12. How I know that my presence is altering your life – I can see and feel it, even when you don’t say it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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