31 Horror Movies Streaming On Netflix Right Now

There’s a chill in the air, which means it’s time for chills to be sent down your spine. It’s so hard to pack as much spookiness and horror into just one month, but loving Halloween is usually a 12-month gig. To get into the spirit of the most harrowing time of the year, turn all the lights off, turn on Netflix, and get a full course of creepy from the comfort of your couch with one (or all) of these featured frightening films.

1. The Nightmare

This movie, which is actually a documentary, is based on true, terrifying visions of patients who suffer from a sleep paralysis disorder. There’s no twist ending at the end where you find out it’s been a dream the whole time, but the fact that it didn’t *actually* happen doesn’t take away from the bone-chilling experiences that these people have to live through every time they close their eyes.

2. The Conjuring

Basically these people move into this creepy, obviously haunted, secluded farmhouse and, guess what, creepy haunted stuff happens. At first it’s silly ghost pranks, but it takes a rapid turn for the sinister. The director of this movie is also known for Saw and Insidious, so you know that this movie will make you pee yourself a little.

3. Zodiac

If your favorite brand of horror is suspense, Zodiac will satisfy your thirst for thrillers. This movie follows two detectives (Mark Ruffalo and Anthony Edwards) and two reporters (Jake Gyllenhaal and Rober Downey Jr.) as they try to catch the most elusive serial killer in history. Everything about the zodiac is as equally fascinating as it is frightening, and this movie is no different.

4. As Above, So Below

Taking place in Paris, this POV-esque movie follows a camera crew into the catacombs under Paris where they find a hellscape that forces them to battle the demons around them as well as their own demons. Double the scary.

5. All The Boys Love Mandy Lane

Nothing soothes the soul like a good slasher movie. The director really goes for it with these murder scenes; they look real. Or what I imagine would be realistic, I can’t say I’ve actually seen a murder in real life.

6. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Speaking of slasher movies, this scary staple is also available for streaming. The title speaks for itself.

7. Shutter

Shutter, not to be confused with Shutter Island, is a paranormal piece about a man and his girlfriend who hit and kill a girl with their car (big yikes). The man is a photographer and starts seeing a shadowy figure in the background of his pictures. Is it the girl? Is it a haunting past? Is it a smudge?

8. Before I Wake

This movie is about a little boy who is able to manifest his dreams into reality, which is a power I’m glad I don’t have because I would have to have some awkward conversations. This boy doesn’t just have your average dream about his teeth falling out or forgetting pants at school; he’s got some terrifying thoughts in that tiny brain of his.

9. Life After Beth

A man is devastated after his girlfriend (Aubrey Plaza) dies, but is delighted when he finds that she has risen from the dead. However, his excitement does not last long as he discovers all the downsides of having a zombie for a girlfriend.

10. Terrifier

If you have just seen It: Chapter 2 and you are itching for more creepy clown content, you need Terrifier in your life. It’s got an added retro feel, which makes it even more creepy somehow.

11. The Perfection

The main character Charlotte, a cello prodigy, returns to her work after years of taking care of her mother. In order to try to defeat the reigning champion, Lizzie, Charlotte enlists the help of her old teachers. Charlotte and LIzzie end up hooking up while traveling in China together, and shortly after, Lizzie gets a different kind of sick. Like throwing up bugs sick. The scenes of this movie will be seared into your mind for months.

12. The Cell

J. Lo stars as a psychologist who uses technology to implant herself in the consciousness of a serial killer, and it goes really well. Just kidding; she has to defeat the killer’s mental projection of himself which is the god-king that rules and controls the realm she is trapped in.

13. Would You Rather?

Would You Rather, a game usually reserved for the back of school buses, gets a malicious makeover as a millionaire forces strangers to turn against each other in hopes to collect money that they desperately need for their own personal reasons. Not to spoil anything, but some of these people will do ANYTHING for that money.

14. 1922

When a rancher’s wife insists on selling the land she inherited instead of working on it, he murders her and even gets their son in on it. It’s pretty apparent that this guy has some skeletons in his closet (pun intended) from his past as well. This Stephen King spinoff is told from the viewpoint of the rancher, who is crippled with guilt and haunted by his wicked deeds.

15. The Babysitter

If you’re short on time but still want a hit of horror, The Babysitter, which is only 87 minutes long may be exactly what you are looking for. The main character finds out his beloved babysitter belongs to a satanic cult, and it turns out this is a secret that she wants him to take to his grave. ASAP.

16. Cloverfield

Set in NYC, this end of the world scenario is nightmare-inducing. A skyscraper-tall being appears and, for lack of a better term, fucks shit up. We can only see what the characters can see, which is not much. The shaky-cam footage adds to the anxiety of the disaster situation as you figure out what’s going on only as soon as the characters know.

17. The Ritual

Four friends go hiking together after the tragic murder of their friend, which one of the friends witnessed. They make a wrong turn into the deep, haunted woods, and what they find gives me yet another reason why I never want to go hiking.

18. Cam

This movie plays on the very relevant reality that at any point, technology and online personalities can become deadly. In Cam, a camgirl, Alice, finds out account is taken over by someone who looks just like her and performs the actions that Alice had originally declined to do. It may earn her more money, but at what cost?

19. Hush

A deaf-mute writer retreats to the woods to be alone is petrified (and frustrated, I’m sure) when a masked man breaks into her house. Her dampened senses add another layer of fear as she tries to escape with her life while stranded in the seclusion she created without being able to communicate verbally.

20. Gerald’s Game

Yet another Stephen King story, this movie is quite twisted. A husband and wife decide to ~spice things up~ in the bedroom, but while the wife is handcuffed to the bed, her husband has a heart attack and dies. She is stuck and can’t call for help for her husband or for herself when she starts hearing voices and having horrific visions.

21. Insidious

What’s worse than having a son who is in a coma? Having a son who is in a coma who is possessed. There are evil spirits not only in this family’s house, but their comatose son as well. Can’t they catch a break?!

22. Bird Box

Memes aside, this movie was pretty freaky. If you didn’t watch it in the height of its Twitter popularity, it’s never too late to catch up.

23. Apostle

Set in 1905, the main character returns home to find that his sister is being held for ransom by a religious cult. He must travel to an island to retrieve her and discovers eerie parallels between the cult and the mainland society along with other shocking secrets.

24. The Bye Bye Man

While this is admittedly a dorky title, this plot is disturbing. The tagline of the movie is “Don’t think it; don’t say it,” which is a quote from several murderers after they’ve committed their heinous crimes. The Bye Bye Man gets in your head and commits all of the horrible thoughts you are having, and you won’t be able to get this movie out of your head either.

25. The Last Exorcism

This fake documentary centers around a cleric who wants to expose himself for wrongdoings and ends up in Louisiana to perform an exorcism that..may be… the….last……

26. 47 Meters Down

Sharks are undoubtedly terrifying, but that doesn’t stop these two sisters from climbing into a cage to swim with the sharks. Suddenly, the chain breaks and they are sent to the bottom of the ocean with a limited oxygen supply. They could potentially go from swimming with the sharks to “swimming with the fishes” if you will.

27. The Witch

A girl is playing peek-a-boo with her baby brother, and suddenly he disappears. The blame is placed on her and she is assumed to be a witch. A simple plot with some seriously scary scenes.

28. The Autopsy of Jane Doe

Two coroners investigate the body of a mysterious woman and uncover (literally) secrets within her body. Very creepy. Very sick. Very cool.

29. Carrie

This cult classic (Stephen King’s, yet again) is based on a seemingly normal high school girl with supernatural powers. When she is embarrassed at her school prom in front of the entire student body, some dark stuff goes down.

30. Death Note

A notebook with deadly powers gets into the hands of a high school student who starts taking people out left and right. The thought of that alone is going to give me nightmares.

31. Verónica

Verónica and her friends summon a demon through a Ouija board during a solar eclipse. She passes out, and evil beings crop up everywhere. You know how evil beings are. So pesky!

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