Pick Up The Phone Instead Of Texting Them

Gentleman, men, boys, males, those holding the XY chromosome combination:

Pick up the phone


Why have relationships resorted to text message? Since when did it become acceptable to court someone over a few back and forth written exchanges taking approximately 23 seconds to compose? Do you remember what the phone was used for before it became “smart”?

This was addressed to men but it is in fact a call to arms for women. Girls, ladies, XX chromosome carriers, I think we’ve seen enough. We’ve literally seen enough text messages with the words “Drink this Thursday?” or “Come to mine for a movie?” It is about time we instead hear these words come out of someone’s mouth from the other end of a telephone line.

Initiating a telephone conversation shows the other person that you are serious. That you are willing to take the time out of your day, whether it be on your walk home, your lunch break, or as you’re finishing your workout, to have more than a cursory text conversation. Your full attention is on the phone conversation. You are not having this conversation while grabbing a latte, procrastinating at work, or walking to the car.

And I’d hedge a bet that if we forced men to be a little bit more serious about asking women out on dates, a lot of doomed relationships would be avoided before they begun. Only those committed to calling a woman would be rewarded with a date. And we women wouldn’t have to wait around wondering if he’s going to write back to our “Sounds great! What time?” messages.

There’s onus on both sexes here. Men, a phone conversation makes you work out whether you want a real life conversation. Women, we know that those that call are the ones we can take seriously.

So come on guys, pick up the phone. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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